America - A Visual History From Then To Now

America - A Visual History From Then To Now

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America - A Visual History From Then To Now

Large-sized Full Color Hardcover Edition from Life Books



From the Native Americans to the newest immigrants... from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama... from Babe Ruth to the Williams sisters.. from the superstar sharpshooter Annie Oakley to the superstar singer Beyonce - these are the individuals who shaped our nation.

Eons ago there was a land bridge linking Asia to North America... Where only yesterday there were only fields, cities grow... In realms that astounded early explorers of the West, today we visit National Parks... Touring the country from coast to coast and beyond proves illumination and often surprising.

Alexander Graham Bell had his telephone, and now our teenagers have their iPhones... Where once there was a mountain in the Black Hills, today there is a monument...The Wright brothers built an airplane and their successors ride rockets... Ours is a land of endless invention, with not even the sky as a limit.

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